Jensen Reserve Society

Since they were first released, the Diana’s Chardonnay and Niclaire Pinot Noir have been intended to be Testarossa’s ultimate statement wines. Our highest achievement in winemaking, the Jensen Reserve Society Club (JRS) combine the select, best barrels in a given vintage from our Single Vineyard Chardonnay and Pinot Noir programs. The plan has always been to give these two marquee wines the pride of place they deserve, both with the press and our most important customers and fans. The Jensen Reserve Society allows us to set Diana’s and Niclaire apart, reserving them for our most loyal customers and making a quality statement. The JRS also gives us the opportunity to recognize our most faithful Club T members with increased privileges and advantages. 

To join JRS, you must already be a member in-good-standing of Club Testarossa. The JRS Club is a one case allocation of Diana's Chardonnay and/or Niclaire Pinot Noir allocated every summer. After your first allocation is billed all of your current Club T benefits extend to the Jensen Reserve Society in addition to unique privileges and benefits.